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LaZona Mercat | Spot botiga online de Metzineres

07/07/2022| Audiovisual

Do you know our online shop at LaZona Mercat? Since a few months ago, all our products are available on this digital market for responsible consumer products and services. Because in Metzineres we are also committed to a local consumption model, focused on people and balanced with the environment.

The products you will find in our store, which you can access through our website or directly into, are T-shirts and tote bags of the Continental Clothing genre, textile company leading in innovation, design and sustainability, and with Top Manta stamping, the social and solidarity brand of the Barcelona Manter collective.

In LaZona all products are close, respectful of the rights of workers involved in their preparation and sustainable. And you can also hire services governed by the same values!

When you have to buy something online, remember LaZona Market and make your internet purchases responsible for consumption too!

Here's a video from LaZona to promote our project and products: