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What is Metzineres

Metzineres is an innovative, and daring non-profit cooperative providing sheltered environments exclusively for womxn, that focus on human rights, gender mainstreaming, and which cover a full spectrum of harm reduction approaches.

With both a holistic and individualized framework, Metzineres emphasizes the uniqueness of each womxn and each situation. Access into Metzineres is immediate, with widely flexible responses that take into consideration individual expectations, concerns, interests and needs.

Supported by local community strategies, and the social and solidarity-based economy, the Metzineres model aims to be one that provides consistency, is reliable, pragmatic, cost effective, and one in which each womxn plays a central role.

Mission, vision and values



To promote communities that guarantee full access to the rights, well-being, and pleasure of womxn who are surviving violence, intersectional vulnerabilities, and that are affected by the war on drugs.



To seek out a comprehensive and holistic approach, based on embedding peers, providing trauma-informed care, and implementing harm reduction, while being anchored in community, intersectional feminism, and social and solidarity-based economies.


Genuine Creativity

Radical Tenderness

Collective Resilience

Rogue Courage

Care Activism

Mutual Support and Complicity

Anti-prohibitionist Commitment

Evidence-based Transdisciplinarity

Transformative Passion


In the face of a war on drugs that continues to result in the widespread and systematic violation of the rights of womxn who use drugs, and who survive multiple situations of violence and vulnerability, Metzineres works for justice based on three cross-cutting themes:

Intersectional Feminism

Because gender inequalities interact with other forms of exclusion, discrimination and stigma. Different social positions interconnect in specific ways, generating multiple situations of violence and vulnerability, but also creating individual and collective strategies to navigate them.

Harm reduction

Because the well-being of people who use drugs, of their families and their communities doesn’t necessarily mean quitting. The full spectrum of harm reduction works where each person is, without judgment or coercion, addressing not only their consumption but structural factors such as housing, work, leisure, and bonds of trust, amongst others.

Embedding of Peers

Because people directly impacted by the war on drugs are experts in their realities and therefore must be an essential part of the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of all those policies and practices that condition their life paths.

Our space

From our space in the Raval neighborhood, we provide environments of security, tranquility, and privacy. We offer holistic and individualized proposals, which promote the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of each person. At the same time, through a model of community and innovative intervention, feelings of belonging and collaboration are fostered and improve coexistence. We are privileged to be part of a rich neighborhood network and cooperative fabric that is nurtured by solidarity and mutual support.

Who we are for

Women and non-binary gender people who use drugs and who survive multiple situations of violence and vulnerability, find it difficult to gain access to and be supported by social services and healthcare networks. They are often excluded from services, including ones focused either on drugs or on gender-based violence. This lack of alternatives, the barriers to access, and these institutional gaps exacerbate social control, inequality, social injustice, and exclusion. Prejudice, stigma, and discrimination result in a systematic violation of their rights.

Metzineres welcomes all womxn by forming and adapting compassionate responses to their complex and changing realities. Rather than creating an exhaustive and exclusive list of entry criteria, emphasis is placed on reaching those facing multiple, simultaneous, and interconnected social variables that shape their experience and existence. Among all the womxn who have already joined us, they experience: drug-related problems, homelessness, migratory experiences, LGTBIQ+, sex work and/or sex for survival, imprisonment, mental health disorders, functional diversity, among other realities.

The team
Metzineres is made up of people with both academic training and life experience. This is one of our most relevant values; all of these roles are equally important and necessary for our collective nourishment.

Specialized Intervention Service (SIE)

Since September 2020, the Metzineres premises have been recognized as a Specialized Intervention Service of the Government of Catalonia. The SIE-Raval has a multidisciplinary professional team made up of people with degrees in psychology, social work, social education, law, and employment. We are part of the Comprehensive Care and Recovery Resource Network in the process of recovering and repairing womxn who survive or have survived situations of gender-based violence, and their children. It also focuses on prevention, awareness, and community involvement.


Main objective

Offer information, care, and recovery to womxn, who are vulnerable in myriad ways, who have been or are in the process of gender-based violence, and to promote specific and comprehensive prevention, assistance and repair programs.


Adapt the model of social, legal, and therapeutic intervention to the process of womxn, vulnerable in myriad ways, who have survived or are surviving violence.

Social and therapeutic care

Provide specialized and continuous social and therapeutic care in relation to the process of experienced violence.


Work in coordination with external services, attending to the specific process of each of the womxn.